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About the Book 

An astronaut hall-of-famer to a high-school runaway turned CEO.

This powerful, sometimes heartwrenching, collection of twelve first-person biographies oozes strength, vulnerability, and hard-won wisdom.  A page-turner overflowing with actionable insights, Hidden Lives is a real-life roadmap for beating the odds in STEM.

A must-read for…

  • High school or college students searching for role models, career ideas, or how to adult like a boss.

  • Mid-career women questioning if their career in STEM is worth it.

  • Executives looking for uplifting, relatable stories about women like them.

  • Parents wondering, “What can I do to support my daughter in science, technology, engineering, and math?”

  • Book Clubs looking for lots to talk about – includes a chapter's worth of discussion questions!

  • Anyone who wants to be a better ally or loves biographies with strong heroines.

What's Inside...


Bristling with strength, sisterhood, and surprising plot twists, the women in Hidden Lives share their life stories with the raw intensity of an intimate conversation with a trusted friend.

Infused with hard-won wisdom, you’ll dive into hard conversations at work, listen in on heart-to-hearts with partners, overcome the loneliness of being an only, and bear witness to true grit and resilience.

Profound and courageous, the women remind us that a STEM career isn’t really about the maths or sciences. It’s about our shared experiences, the fullness of our life, and the lasting value we create for ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world we live in.

"I'm so happy for Lori Rodriguez who brings her passion and whole self to this work! She was one of my favorite people at Gartner and continues to shine.
Go get the book! It's important.

– Chris Howard, Global Chief of Research, Gartner

Women in Tech and STEM

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About the Author Lori Rodriguez

I love being a mom of five. And I love being a woman in tech. Being both, though, is damn near impossible. 

In my prior work as a VP at Gartner, the world's largest technology research and advisory company, I interviewed over a thousand C-Suite technology leaders. The lack of women in those key decision-making roles was stark, obvious, and troubling. (Only one tenth!)


But some women broke through. Why were they different? 

What was their secret? What could I learn from them? What could I share so that other women would join and thrive in the fields we loved? (53% of women leave by mid-career!)

That's how my audacious mission of increasing the number of women in STEM began!

Currently, I'm Chief Digital Advisor for Women in Tech, a global non-profit with 200,000 members in 45 chapters on six continents. I am also President of the US Chapter and a founding member of Chief, a sisterhood of executive women. I regularly speak on digital transformation, customer experience, resilience, future of work, and women in technology, STEM, and leadership.

I'm honored to have been entrusted with sharing the stories of 12 trailblazing leaders. But, as you will come to know, what makes them truly remarkable is not just their successes but the way they carry their scars. Come away awed, energized, and full of pragmatic advice! 


Join me on this journey by reading, liking, and sharing these women's stories – and your own.




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Meet Lori Rodriguez

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